Australian Bush Flower Essences

Flower essences have been used for thousands of years by many cultures from the indigenous Aboriginals to ancient Egyptians. Animals will seek out plants and flowers in the wild to treat their own ailments or just to maintain their health as they know the healing properties that plants and flowers provide.

After having a consultation with you about your animal, a combination of techniques will be used to choose the essences specific for your animal and their concern. It’s then blended together to create their own unique essence.

There are 69 different stock essences. The essences are liquid drops that you can either place in the animal’s mouth, on the back of their neck or in their water.

Flowers essences work not only on the physical body, but also emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields of the animal. The specific remedy is designed to work with the animal’s own energy fields to balance out ailments, behavioural and emotional issues, fears and stresses to name just a few.

 If I had to choose one “go to product” in your cupboard for animals then, it would be Bush Flower Emergency Essences.

Use Emergency Essence to help your animal cope with Panic | Stress | Fear | Separation.  It’s excellent for any emotional upset due to its calming effect during a crisis.

Examples where Bush Flower essences may be used are:

  • Anxiety; loud noises, car trips, thunderstorms, leaving them alone
  • Family going away on holidays / being left with someone else  or boarding kennel
  • Fearful behaviour due to poor socialisation as a pup
  • Grief for the loss of a companion/ change of family
  • Help with training and focus
  • Help with dealing with chronic illness or pain
  • New animal in the house
  • New baby in the house
  • Phobias including thunder and fireworks
  • Separation anxiety
  • Stress associated with a multi animal household
  • Animals transitioning

Stress contributes to common illnesses in our pets including lower urinary tract disease in cats, irritable bowl in dogs, skin irritations, poor sleep and behavioural problems. Reducing this stress and anxiety clears the way for us to help heal your pet.

What to expect:

During the consultation I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire to find out what your concerns are with your animal. From there we will have a chat and decide which essence/s that will work in your animals personalised remedy.

Ways to administer Bush Flower Essences to your animals:

Bush Flower Essences are generally prepared in spring water. The drops can be put on the back of the animal’s neck or added to the drinking water. The remedy can also be given via dropper however some animals can stress about this method. The remedy is less effective if mixed with food. Please be careful using a dropper in the mouth as it can contaminate the remedy.

The remedy may also be made up into a mist/spray, to be used in a cage before travel, or sprayed onto a dogs bandana that can be worn around their necks. Let me know at the time which method you feel will work best for your animal.

Generally, a personalised remedy will last around 2 weeks or so. If chronic, an animal may require it for 4 weeks plus. Once we have made up the remedy for your animal I’ll give you specific instructions on usage.

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