In this 6 week course you’ll discover how to connect with animals, what is your primary “superpower”, different ways animals send messages, the ability to connect with your own animals along with animals via photos and so much more!
Let me hold your hand and help you discover the wonderful world of animal communication.   

  • If you love animals;
  • Feel that close connection with them;
  • Want to deepen your relationship with your pet;
  • Want to know what you are receiving from your pet is true;
  • Then this course is for YOU!

Over the 6 weeks you’ll learn how to...

  • Understand the blocks that are holding you back;
  • Discover your primary superpower;
  • Connect with wild animals and your own pets;
  • Send & receive messages telepathically and intuitively;
  • Learn the different ways you receive messages from animals;
  • Experience what it feels like to communicate without words;
  • Become an animal and feel their world like they do;
  • Learn to blend your energy with theirs to strengthen your connection;
  • Communicate with animals via photos;
  • Learn to trust your abilities and the messages you receive;
  • Practice, practice and a bit more practice so you really know you are receiving messages (and not making it up) and so much more!

This Course includes:

  1. 6 x Zoom calls (approx. 1.15 – 1.30 hours each week);
  2. Ongoing support through private Facebook group;
  3. Weekly exercises to strengthen your connection;
  4. Handouts;
  5. Downloadable meditation ‘To strengthen your Auric Field’;

BONUS:=> One months (4 weeks) subscription to Animal Communication Journey a monthly practice and support group to help you continue to grow and develop on your animal communication journey.

That’s a total of 10 weeks of learning to help you on your animal communication journey!

WHEN DO WE START – APRIL 2021 at 6.30pm (Qld time) via zoom.  All calls are recorded and made available in a private FB group that you can access at anytime.
6 weeks of training and bonus 1 month practice group = $497.00 
This course is currently closed – new class will commence in April



You have attended an animal communication class and learnt how to tune into animals however you are still struggling with knowing if what you are receiving is from the animal or is it your monkey mind telling you’re making it up!

Join me in an online monthly group where we connect to animals in a safe environment. You’re given verification from the guardians at the end of each session. We do at least one connection per month plus other activities to help develop your skills and gain confidence with connecting with animals.

Cost $36AUD per month. NB. Once you click on Subscribe button below you’ll be given 2 weeks to join the group and see if it is for you. After that time you’ll be billed every 4 weeks. You can delete your membership at anytime.