Each time a pet owner contacts me to say their Pet has passed away, another piece of my heart breaks away.

I know how they feel, within a 6 month period, I lost my girl Chloe a 14 year old golden retriever and then my gorgeous funny cat called Spyro who was 14.5. Yes, they were both senior pets but it doesn’t matter how old they are, it still hurts like crazy when your pet passes.

I thought being an animal communicator it would be easier, but I can tell you it isn’t. Like you, I felt pain, sadness, grief and a whole range of emotions. I thought I would be tough, put on a brave face, that didn’t work either. At any given time I would burst into tears for no reason. I needed to process grief and deal with life without my gorgeous babies.

Spyro had been with me for 14.5 years. He had supported me through breast cancer a relationship breakup, moving house and just about anything else you could imagine. He was a great confidant, he never answered back … well that was until I started developing my animal communication skills (but that is an entirely different story).

One of the hardest emotions to deal with was grief.  Be kind to yourself, there is no time line for grief.  Today you may feel fine, the next day you are right back at square one.  There is no magic wand as to when it will go away, just know that as time passes, slowly, sometimes ever so slowly that pain will diminish.  

Get yourself a journal and write down each day what comes to mind, write down about your pet and how you felt / are feeling each day.  When you are writing and sharing, know that your pet is watching over you and sending you LOVE.