Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication

An animal communication is a two way conversation with your animals. Get questions answered about their behaviour, food issues, new family members coming into the pack or anything in general that you wish to know about your pet.

A communication gives you an opportunity to understand them better, their likes and dislikes, how they think, what they don’t understand, why they react in a certain way and how they would like to be treated.

To book a communication with your animal  go to our “Book A Session” Page.

Animals are happy to share basic information like how they feel about life, their purposes, concerns, attitudes, or enjoyments, the more specific you are about what you want to know and what is important to you, the better the communication results will be.

Animals may not always talk about what is concerning you as they may  feel that is not relevant to them ie.  I had a lady ask me to tune into her dog and see if he was happy.  I reported back what he said and she was confused why he didn’t tell me he was blind.  I said … its not an issue for him, he has a wonderful life and loves living with you.

Questions about health, behaviours, other pets, attitudes  and environment are all welcome. Keep an open mind, sometimes the animals don’t always give you the information you want to hear but what they believe you need to know.

book a session

After paying, send two clear photos (one of your animals face clearly showing their eyes and the other showing the whole body) via email.

Also include: Name, age, sex and breed  and up to 3 questions you would like answered by your animal (e.g. are you happy, how are you feeling, do they have pain, what do you like or don’t like, what can I change to make life better for them, etc.)

The current wait time for a communication is 3-5 days to do the actual session.  After the session is completed the pdf will be forwarded via email or through fb messenger. If your require clarification on a question, contact me within 48 hours after receiving your pdf.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either via Facebook or our Contact Us Page.

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