To book a session with your animal

Step 1 – Choose the service you require below;

Step 2 – Click on the link to pay for the service;

Step 3 – Send a message via FB with the service you have booked.

Also send via FB Messenger:  Two clear photos of your animal.  Plus their name, age, sex and breed  and up to 3 questions you would like answered by your pet ie. are you happy, how are you feeling, do you have pain, what do you like/don’t like, what can I change to make life better for you, etc.)

If your animal is in spirit? Please let me know, along with your questions ie. are you happy in spirit, what do you do all day, do you come visit me?

Step 4 –  ANIMAL COMMUNICATION – these are carried out via ZOOM or TELPHONE (if in Australia). A link will be sent to book your time after payment. HEALING – After a session has been completed I will forward a transcript of our session to you via either email or FB messenger.  Note: The current wait time is 3-5 days.


A. Animal Communication session – $85

Animal Communication also known as telepathic communication, can be conducted with animals both living and in spirit. This session allows you to ask 3-5 questions. *NB This session is not for Lost Pets.

B. Animal Healing Session – $85

This session includes clearing the energy layers, a chakra alignment and balancing, energy clearing and an energy healing.

C. Bush Flower Essence Reading & Remedy – $65

This involves a short consultation with you and your animal. Then I’ll create a remedy specifically for your animal and their needs. This include up to 3 essences. Postage included in Australia.

D. Animal Communication Session & Healing – $150

This package is designed for fur families that have an issue (ie. fear, anxiety, aggression, inappropriate toileting etc) with their pet. This starts with an animal communication session to ask specific questions as to why this problem is occurring and how their hoomans can assist to resolve this problem.

This package includes;

1. Animal Communication Session
2. Energy Clearing
3. Energy Rebalancing
4. Energy Healing

** Your fur child will be tested for Bush Flower Essences and a recommendation made if required. (This cost of the essence is additional).

E. Holiday Communication Session – $80

Going on holidays? I’ll communicate intuitively with your pet while you are away, let them know who will be looking after them, how long you will be gone and when you are returning. I’ll also work on any anxiety or emotions that may arise with you being away.

This package includes:
1. 2 X Remote Animal Communication connections – (one before and one during your holiday)
2. Energy clearing if required.

Price is for 1 animal for a 7 to 10 day holiday. If you have more than 1 animal, please message me first to confirm a price before booking.

F. Stress /Anxiety Clearing Healing Session – $250

This package includes a 15 min discovery phone call, an animal communication session to identifying your animals concerns, an energy clearing and balance, plus one additional healing session after 4 weeks. Also includes a test to see if your pet required a personalised bush flower essence remedy. (Postage additional).

This package includes
1. A 15 min Discovery Call on Zoom
2. Animal Communication Session
3. Body Scan
4. Energy Clearing
5. Energy Rebalance
6. Plus 1 follow up healing session
7. Bush Flower Reading

This will be conducted over a 4-6 week period.

LEGAL STUFF: All services offered including animal communication, energy healing, remedies or oils are for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to replace medical, veterinary and any other professional care or advice. If you are concerned about the health, welfare or behaviour of your animal, always contact your vet. 

Cancellation Policy – If you are unsure about any of the services, please send a message to my FB page to discuss the services prior to booking and paying. There are no cancellations or refunds for these services once booked and paid for.