Animal Communication Introductory Course
4th & 5th April – Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast, Qld

Have you always felt you have a connection with animals but didn’t understand what they were trying to tell you?

What if I told you, that we can all can talk to animals? Connecting with animals is a gift that is hidden somewhere inside you and it just needs to be rediscovered.

Join me and a small group of like minded people as we journey together to rediscovered your gifts and connect with animals.

On this two day weekend, I’ll hold your hand and guide you through simple to master techniques to awaken your telepathic abilities. You’ll work on developing your intuitive skills by doing fun activities. You’ll be encouraged to document your progress so that you can look back over the weekend and see your progress.

Animal teachers will be invited into the workshop to help you grow and strengthen your abilities.

By the end of the two days you will have a good understanding of your clair senses and be able to telepathically send and receive information from animals.

Course hours:
Saturday 9am to 4pm (includes breaks for lunch and morning/afternoon tea)
Sunday 10am to 4pm

Cost: $350 early bird special (includes workbook and morning/afternoon tea)

Limited seats available, book early to secure your seat.
$90 non refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking. Balance of $260 due 26th March 2020. (If you don’t pay the balance by the due date, your seat will be offered to someone else that is on our waiting list).

Over the weekend you’ll:

  • Develop your Clair Senses with fun activities.
  • Awaken your hidden gifts and relearn how to use them.
  • Discover what it feels like to be an animal and walk in their body.
  • Learn easy techniques to open up and connect with animals.
  • Practice with different animal teachers so you can hone your abilities.
  • Learn to trust your abilities and the messages you are receiving.
  • Discover your own unique way of communicating with animals.
  • Be given steps to guide and assist you to communicate with animals.

Payment options:
1. $90 deposit balance of $260 due on 26th March 2020
2. $350 full payment (early bird special) – $450 after 23rd March
3. $440 full payment plus a VIP one hour mentor session after completion of the course (limited to 5 people)

Bookings are essential to secure your seat for this weekend, click on the drop down menu for payment options.

April Workshop

** VIP Option – this is limited to 5 people. After completion of the course you’ll have an opportunity to work with Donna for a further hour to continue developing your Animal Communication skills. I’ll answer your questions, work on any blocks you might be holding onto and give you further opportunity to practice on animals.

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