Weekend Fundraiser

Want to know what your pet is thinking?

Here’s your chance to ask 3 questions of your pet. I’ll telepathically connect to your animal and ask your questions. Please be as specific as possible with your questions, keep them short and direct so I can get as much information as possible.

How it works:

After booking, please send VIA our FACEBOOK Page a Message: That includes a clear photo of your animal showing their eyes.

Include their: Name, age and sex and your THREE specific questions that you want asked. If you are not sure on what to ask .. visit our FAQ page with some question suggestions.

Please be specific as possible, otherwise you may not get the response you required.

After our session is over, I’ll write up a transcription and send it to you either via your email or FB messenger.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a fundraiser to support XXX. I have no affiliation with them whatsoever … I am doing this to assist the animals that are in their care. Animals don’t always get to choose whether they will have a fur-ever home. XXX have run out of funds and this weekend any bookings taken by me, the money will go directly to them.

THANK YOU this weekend special is now closed .. if you would like to book an animal communication session please go to our Booking Page.

LEGAL STUFF: All services offered including animal communication, energy healing, remedies or oils are for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to replace medical, veterinary and any other professional care or advice. If you are concerned about the health, welfare or behaviour of your animal, always contact your vet.