Donna has one of the truest connections with animals I have come across. I was a newbie to a workshop Donna was attending and saw her having full-blown conversations with animals of all species! It was a pleasure to watch and I have since had Donna communicate with my own very independent cat, and gifted a communication/reading to my friend whose pooch had passed over.

Donna communicates with heart and may bring through the information you need to hear about the health and happiness of the animal you care about, as well as the messages of love your animal has for you. In addition to the communications, Donna also provides energy-healing services with reiki and essences and is pioneering her own new techniques – the sign of an excellent master in their field.

I highly recommend Donna’s services if you are in need of supporting your animal. Her pricing is exceptionally reasonable in the space of animal communication (in fact I’d say you’re getting beyond excellent value for money).